NEXTOIL + NUTECH Partnership

NEXTOIL is excited to announce a collaboration with NUTECH energy Alliance. This collaboration will pair NEXTOIL's strength in Reserves Certification and Intelligence with NUTECH’s Reservoir Characterization and Intelligence, providing all-in TEC services from G&G to Engineering to Economics and Commercial. How is this different from any other reserves services? NUTECH’s strength in Reservoir Characterization is leveraged in the NEXTOIL analysis to deliver a more representative evaluation. Speed: NUTECH’s Regional Study Reservoir Characterization and NEXTOIL’s swift and accurate processes to estimate developed and undeveloped reserves/resources, using their extensive field experience, NEXT-ai™ analytic engine and analog database. NEXTOIL+NUTECH capabilities:​

  • Leading Reservoir Characterization and Geosciences.

  • Interactive Reservoir Cross Sections showing the extent of most formations.

  • Extensive and Multiscale Reservoir Property Maps in your AOI and beyond.

  • Fully integrated and cross-validated G2E2 reservoir analytics + Data Science process and reserves workflows capturing your full-spectrum resources potential.

  • Real-time Digital Reserves Intelligence Dashboards with actionable insights.

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